How This Farmer Built Her Own Internet Broadband, 35 Times Faster Than Average


Short Bytes: Christine Condor, who calls herself a farmer’s wife, has created a local superfast broadband network named B4RN. It’s 35 times faster than the average UK internet connection speed. B4RN now claims to have laid 2,000 miles fiber cable and became an internet pioneer for 2,300 members of her rural community.

Are you sick and tired of your internet service provider? There are good chances that your answer will be yes. So, what do you do to solve this issue? Well, you might intend to upgrade your plan or switch your ISP — right?

But, Christine Condor, a self-described farmer’s wife, decided to take up the road less traveled. She has turned herself into a revolutionary internet pioneer, thanks to her DIY solution to her neighbor’s internet connectivity problems, according to BBC.

This happened in 2009, when her efforts to improve the connectivity evolved into B4RN, an ISP providing one gigabit per second broadband speed to the residents of Lune Valley, Lancashire.This was also inspired by the tall trees which separated her farm from the nearest wireless mast and degraded the signal.

Image: B4RN

As no alternatives were available, she purchased a kilometer of fiber optic cable and used her tractor to dig a trench for the cable.

Compared to the 28.9 Mbps average UK internet speed, her internet is 35 times faster.

Her entire infrastructure is fibre-optic cable right to the homes. B4RN claims to have laid about 2,000 miles of cable and connected a large part of the area to the network.

Christine’s services have also been recognized by the Queen. She was awarded an MBE in 2015.

For more, you can read BBC’s original story.

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