Awesome Japanese Techniques That Conserve Water And Save Time


japan-toilet-washbasin-inventionWhen it comes to countries with the latest technology and brilliant innovations, Japan is one of the names that immediately strikes in the mind. Japan is one of the few countries that has risen like a phoenix a number of times. Be it the regular earthquakes that cause mass destruction, or the volcanic eruptions, all such disasters have only made the Japanese more strong and thoughtful of life. They focus on the future and conservation of natural resources is one of them.

Japanese in their homes have built an efficient system for bathrooms that has multipurpose gadgets and innovations that help conserving water and their time.

1. A Smart way to reuse the bathtub water

Bathtubs require a lot of water and water is one thing that shouldn’t be wasted. Now, you would not want to bathe in the warm bubble water that also includes your own filth and dirt. So just clean yourself up with a water spray before taking a long comfortable bath. You can also put a water disinfectant in the tub. This way the water in the tub will stay clean and it could be used by another person.

2. Re-use the Bathtub water for laundry

As the water in the bathtub is still clean, it can be re-used to do laundry. In the homes, people attach a tube that sucks the water from the bathtub into the washing machine. Brilliant isn’t it??

3. Save your time, the Japanese style

The bathrooms in Japan are built in such a manner that it can be used by three people for different purposes simultaneously. There are separate spaces in the bathroom to take bath, a sink and mirror for general purposes, and a separate toilet with its own sink. The people have amazing architectural sense that allowed them a maximum utilization of their space and save time.

4.  Control Panel and security system

A control panel to set the right temperature is fixed both in the bathroom and the kitchen, just in case you wish to take a quick shower. Also, it comes with an emergency call button and a regular call button to contact security, in case you live in an apartment buildings.

Here is a video from “Life Where I’m From”

Do you have any idea that could amaze others and be for environment’s cause?? Tell us in comments below.

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