Avengers Endgame Leaked Online By Tamilrockers #DontSpoilTheEndgame


The most anticipated film of the year, Avengers Endgame, has been leaked online by the notorious pirate site Tamilrockers. Only a few days ago, a portion of the Avengers Endgame was leaked online.

It prompted millions of Marvel fans to campaign against the spoilers by urging everyone not to spread the viral clip.

Avengers Endgame Leaked

Tamilrockers are infamous for releasing the pirated version of newly launched films on torrent websites. It has caused a massive amount of damage to the publishers.

Especially in India, the instances of piracy are always sky high. Recently, the Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 1 was pirated 9 million times in India. It has been speculated that due to fewer options available to stream, Indians resort to piracy.

The Endgame Hype

Avengers Endgame is scheduled for release on 26th April 2019. The movie is said to score the biggest box office opening ever. Even before its release, Avengers Endgame has managed to make $120 million dollars just through pre-booking. In several metropolitan cities, theaters are already planning to host 24-hour screenings just for the Avengers Endgame.

A number of eager fans have also not been able to secure their movie tickets, which might further help the piracy group Tamil Rockers gain more traffic. The overall revenue of the film could see a downfall if the leaked footage goes viral.

When the Avengers Endgame leaked footage surfaced online, it forced the movie director Russo brothers to issue a request to the public not to spread the clip. They took to Twitter to share an open letter urging hackers not to ruin the movie experience for everyone.

If you want to stay spoiler free until the official movie is released, then do check out our piece to block movie spoilers on the internet —

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