Avenger Air Defense System: U.S. Army’s Watchful Protector

Even Iron Man would think twice before flying past this "Avenger."

avenger air defense system
Image: military.com

The technology used in modern warfare is rapidly improving, making way for improved tanks, bigger vessels, and more agile fighter jets. As a result, for vulnerable nations, there isn’t a more terrifying thought than facing an aerial onslaught from a rival. However, there are also certain war machines that can defend against attacks from above.

A mobile air defense system is a strong answer to enemy fighter planes, helicopters, and air strikes. In particular, the Avenger Air Defense System is one of America’s most powerful weapons against airborne threats.

The Avenger is a combination of a missile system and a rugged four-wheeler, owing to which it can run and gun remarkably well. Here’s a video that shows the sophisticated anti-aircraft vehicle in action.

Avenger Air Defense System: Lock, load, and fire

Built by Boeing, the Avenger Air Defense System ranks high on the list of the most precise and powerful surface-to-air missile (SAM) defenses. It is capable of gunning down targets while in continuous motion, making it impressively mobile. More precisely, this SAM system can take out high-speed aircraft, drones, cruise missiles, etc.

To destroy its targets, the Avenger relies on a 360-degree turret equipped with a pair of missile pods. Each pod stores four FIM-92 Stinger missiles which can decimate a range of low-flying fighter planes and land vehicles. The turret system, manned by an operator, can automatically identify, locate, and lock onto a target.

avenger air defense system chamber
Image: military.com

Moving on, the armed vehicle’s laser range finder and video auto tracker are quite sophisticated. They enable it to shoot foes regardless of whether it’s day or night. Additionally, since this entire system rests in a sturdy 4×4, it can maneuver swiftly on a variety of surfaces. Furthermore, despite its weight of 3,900kg or 8,600lbs, it can be conveniently transported using another military aircraft.

Currently, the Avenger is an active part of the National Guard in the U.S. In the past, the Marine Corps has also used this SAM-equipped vehicle. Besides America, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, and Taiwan also have this beast at their disposal. As per the latest records, over 1,100 Avenger vehicles have been manufactured since the ’80s.

In a battle between the Avenger and a fighter jet such as the Warthog, who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments below. Apart from this, there’s another American air defense system that instills fear in war pilots, read more about it here.

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