Audi x Apple Music: New Audi Cars Will Ship With Apple Music Integration

You don't need Apple CarPlay to listen to Apple Music anymore!

Audi X Apple Music: New Audi Cars Will Ship With Apple Music Integration
Image: Audi

Audi, the German car manufacturer, is adding Apple Music integration to its upcoming vehicles. Audi Cars launched until now have Apple CarPlay support but lacked a dedicated app for Apple Music. Now, Audi owners can enjoy access to the Apple Music library while driving.

Audi’s new attempt to add Apple music will deter the use of a cable to connect the iPhone to the car for music playback. The feature will roll out to existing Audi cars(the launch year 2022) via an OTA update.

Apple Music Integration: Audi

Apple Music Integration gives Audi owners the convenience to use it on their infotainment system directly. They do not require Apple’s CarPlay feature anymore for merely listening to music. Apple Music has a cast music library with 90 million songs and tens of thousands of playlists.

Integrating Apple Music into the Audio infotainment system marks the next step in the collaboration between Audi and Apple. For our customers, it means that we are offering them direct access to their own personalized listening experience. This is our understanding of a premium digital in-car experience. At Audi, we are systematically driving the digitalization of the vehicle and we are convinced that the interior is increasingly developing into a third living space, ” said Christiane Zorn, Head of Product Marketing at Audi in an official press release.

Apple Music Audi
Image: Audi

How to use it?

Owners of the 2022 Audi models will have the Apple Music app by default in their infotainment system. They need to log in to the service using their Apple ID. After entering the verification code received on their iPhone, the users can stream audio content to their account. However, the car will need an active internet connection to stream music.

The release also reveals that for Audi owners in Europe, cellular data streaming costs incurred are conveniently billed via a data package available from Cubic-Telekom. The first three gigabytes are free of charge. Audi described that Apple Music integration transforms the luxury car into a concert on wheels. It is due to the custom-designed audio system in the car that produces well-balanced sound.

Meanwhile, Apple eased the Work-From-Office policy due to rising Covid cases. Do you use Apple CarPlay? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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