Atomic Heart Will Have Denuvo DRM At Launch

How will this affect the game's performance?


Atomic Heart is a highly anticipated first-person shooter game releasing on February 21, 2023. However, it seems that Atomic Heart might get some form of Denuvo DRM before its launch. This is not the first time that developers have added Denuvo to their games at the last moment.

At the time of writing, the Steam page for Atomic Heart doesn’t have a Denuvo DRM tag. However, we have seen many developers update the Steam page just a few weeks before launch. Just recently, games like Hogwarts Legacy and Forspoken also added Denuvo at the last moment.

Denuvo already has a bad reputation among gamers for negatively impacting a game’s performance. These performance issues can vary from long load times to FPS drops, micro-stutters, and more. Denuvo can also create an always-online requirement for Atomic Heart, which might be inconvenient for many gamers.

Atomic Heart developer confirms Denuvo DRM support


Robert Bagratuni, head of the Mundfish studio, confirmed in an interview that they are implementing a DRM system in the game. He further stated that it is difficult to tell whether it will affect the performance or not. According to him, Atomic Heart will support DLSS upscaling, which should neutralize possible losses in frame rate from anti-piracy protection.

“Yes, we have planned the implementation of the DRM system. Now it is still difficult to say whether this will affect performance or not, but we do not forget about the presence of DLSS – a technology that gives a strong boost of fps, which in any case will win back losses, if there are any.”

Robert Bagratuni , head of Mundfish

Recent games like Callisto Protocol and Gotham Knights also added Denuvo DRM at the last minute. Nowadays, developers are forced to resort to such discreet actions to avoid bad press. Despite the addition of Denuvo, we hope the game does well and matches the players’ expectations.

Let us know your thoughts on Atomic Heart getting Denuvo DRM support in the comments section below.

Note: The interview was given to a Russian publication and translated through Google Translate.

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