Atlas, The Humanoid Robot By Boston Dynamics, Can Now Run Free In Fields

Atlas Robot Boston Dynamics
Image: Boston Dynamics

In a recent video released by Boston Dynamics, Atlas, the world’s most dynamic humanoid is seen ambling across a patchy outdoor terrain showcasing his ability to maintain balance while walking at a brisk pace.

Designed in collaboration with United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Atlas was released before the public in the year 2013.

The robot is fitted with a futuristic control system that helps it in maintaining a precise balance between the movement of its arms, legs, and torso.

This controlled movement leads to improved balancing and reaches to objects while occupying a minimum surface area.

In the video, Atlas is calmly walking on a green as well as a rough patch of ground without losing its balance throughout; resembling a grown man running a marathon. The video also shows Atlas successfully tackling an obstacle in its path in the form of a wooden log by stopping in an ungainly manner and jumping over it.

Although the jump was somewhat clumsy and had it been any other obstacle instead of the log, Atlas would have tripped over.

Have a look at the video:

The advancements witnessed by the humanoid since its introduction to the world are astonishing.

Surprisingly, in 2017, the robot making company Boston Dynamics was taken over by Softbank, a Japanese based company from Alphabet which is a parent company of the tech giant Google.

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