Asus Just Combined Three Gaming Monitors Into One: CES2018

One of the things that degrade gaming experiences in multi-monitor setups is the bezels that act as an interruption between the displays.

At CES 2018, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus has tried to address the issue with a new accessory which they like to call Bezel-free Kit. In the first look, the setup appears very similar to the triple screen laptop Razor released last year, but the job it does is very different.

The kit uses the fundamental concepts of light, namely, refraction, to create an illusion of continuity between multiple monitors that are a part of the gaming setup. The accessory might not be able to bridge the gap entirely, but it lessens the difference up to a great extent.

Refraction of light from two adjacent monitors is made possible with the help of a transparent thermoplastic lens built using PMMA. It allows around 90% of the light to pass through it. The image formed on the lens is somewhat dimmer than the displays, but still, it’s better than having nothing.

To get the required level of refraction, the monitors are arranged at 130-degree with the help of custom clips attached to the lens. Asus said they chose that angle because it offered the “best balance of comfort and immersion” during their testing.

The bezel-free kit is currently available for Asus monitors ROG Swift PG258Q and Strix XG258Q, but it can be designed for other monitors as well. The tech is now on display at this year’s CES in Vegas. It’s expected to go on sale in the coming months.

Source: Asus

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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