Asus 6Z Vs Xiaomi K20 Pro: Best Smartphone Under Rs 30,000


If Asus 6z vs Xiaomi K20 Pro were to be pitted against each other, who would win? Well, to answer that today we’re going to compare both the phones on the basis of design, UI, hardware, camera and gaming performance.

Asus 6z Vs Xiaomi K20 Pro: Design Comparison

Asus 6z Vs Xiaomi K20 Pro Design Camera

Both Asus 6z and the Xiaomi K20 Pro have a full-screen display. There’s no notch on either of the devices but both have a motorized camera setup, which we will talk about later in the review.

Asus 6z has a metallic finish on the body, while the Xiaomi K20 Pro has a glass back. In terms of appeal, both of these phones look good from a different perspective. If you love a sophisticated look then Asus 6z will be more pleasing to you but if you a design which stands out from the crowd, then Xiaomi K20 Pro is the phone that you want.

Asus 6z has a power button, volume rockers and a dedicated smart key for invoking Google Assistant. The 6z also has dual sim tray slots and an additional SD card slot as well. That’s why the smartphone has expandable storage of up to 2TB.

Asus 6z Vs Xiaomi K20 Pro Features

On the other hand, the Xiaomi K20 Pro has a volume button, a power button, and support for two sim cards. There is no expandable storage in the Xiaomi K20 Pro.

While holding the phone, both of them feel a little bit slippery so using a grippy cover is advisable. None of them feel too big despite having a big screen.

The Asus 6z weighs around 195 grams while the Xiaomi K20 Pro has a weight of 191 grams. Thus both phones feel light on the hand and can be used for a longer period.

Overall, the design of the Asus 6z and Xiaomi K20 Pro stand out from the crowd in their unique way but I like my phones to be a little colorful hence I prefer the ‘Ice-Glacier’ version of the Xiaomi K20 Pro.

Asus 6z vs Xiaomi K20: User Interface (Android Skin)

Both Asus 6z and Xiaomi K20 Pro runs on the latest Android Pie operating system. Asus 6z has its own custom skin over Android called ZenUI.

Now, in the past, Asus has been criticized for installing a ton of annoying bloatware on their phones. However, the latest iteration of ZenUI comes with minimal bloatware.

The revamped ZenUI Android skin feels a lot closer to stock android experience than ever before. The navigation, the gestures, the layout, and even the performance look almost similar to an Android experience on Pixel phones.

Hence, UI is an area where Asus 6Z scores full marks.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi K20 Pro uses the latest MIUI 10 skin. Xiaomi is infamous for stuffing its phones with Chinese ads, but K20 Pro users can completely turn them off in the boot menu.

Talking about other features, the MIUI is definitely one of the best skins of Android. Several popular phones in Xiaomi’s lineup including the Redmi Note 7 Pro and Poco F1 use it.

Xiaomi is also very reliable in terms of updates. According to the latest report, Xiaomi delivered the Android smartphone update faster than a number of other mobile manufacturers.

In the end, the Xiaomi K20 Pro’s MIUI might offer a good experience but the latest ZenUI in the Asus 6z offers quite an unmatched experience.

Asus 6z vs Xiaomi K20 Pro: Hardware And Gaming Performance

The hardware specs comparison between the Asus 6z and Xiaomi K20 Pro is as follows:

Xiaomi K20 Pro Asus 6z
Processor With Antutu Score Snapdragon 855 (388,803) Snapdragon 855 (363,172)
Internal Storage 128GB/256GB 128GB/256GB
Rear Camera 48MP+13MP+8MP (Triple Camera) 48MP+13MP (Dual Camera)
Front Camera 20 MP (Pop up camera) 48MP+13MP (Dual Camera)
Camera Sensor IMX 586 IMX 586
Battery Capacity 5,000 mAh (Supports Quick Charging 4.0 4,000 mAh (Supports Quick Charging 4.0
Screen Size & Resolution 6.39 inch (2340 x 1080) 6.4 inch (2340 x 1080)

As clearly visible, the Asus 6z is quite underpowered than Xiaomi K20 Pro despite having the same processor. However, you won’t notice a huge performance difference in everyday applications.

Both phones have enough power to run even the most powerful Android applications. Asus 6z and Xiaomi K20 can run the latest Android games like PUBG Mobile, Cyberhunter, Honkai Impact 3D at high graphics without lag.

Other apps like Youtube, Instagram, Chrome, etc. work without any hiccups. In my two weeks of usage, both these phones performed flawlessly all the time.

Now if you are wondering how much RAM your Android phone should have in 2019 or which RAM option is best for you 6GB or 8GB? Then I have to tell you that 6GB of RAM is more than enough at least until 2021.

There is no Android application which requires 1GB of RAM on its own and even if you’re multitasking, the 6GB of memory will cater to your requirements quite nicely.

If you want to go for the 8GB version for high internal storage (256 GB) then you can go for it.

The battery life of the Asus 6z is obviously better than Xiaomi K20 Pro due to a big battery of 5,000 mAh.

One issue with the Asus 6z is the use of old LCD panel as a display unit. It is 2019 and even Rs. 20,000 phones have a more vibrant screen than Asus 6z.

The Xiaomi K20 Pro comes equipped with an AMOLED screen which has excellent color reproduction and great viewing angles.

Asus 6z Vs Xiaomi K20 Pro: Camera Performance

Asus 6z Vs Xiaomi K20 Pro Camera

The camera is one department where Asus 6z clearly beats the Xiaomi K20 Pro. In rear camera performance, the Xiaomi K20 Pro and Asus 6z are almost neck to neck.

But things took a turn in 6z’s favor when I compared the selfie camera performance. Asus 6z has a flip camera unit meaning the rear camera flips over to turn into a selfie camera.

Asus 6z Vs Xiaomi K20 Pro Photo Sample
Asus 6z Selfie Mode
Asus 6z Vs Xiaomi K20 Pro Photo Selfie Sample
Asus 6z Rear Camera Mode

Now, this feature is quite useful as it produces very high-quality selfies. When compared with the selfies from Xiaomi K20 Pro, the Asus 6z is definitely the winner.

That’s not to say that the main camera on the Xiaomi K20 Pro is bad. It is quite good and quite comparable to the Asus 6z but in the front camera comparison, the Asus is the clear winner.

Asus 6z Vs Xiaomi K20 Pro performance
Xiaomi K20 Pro Rear Camera Sample
Asus 6z vs Xiaomi K20 Pro Selfie Comparison
Xiaomi K20 Pro Front Camera Sample

There is one issue though: the flip camera on Asus 6z feels quite fragile. Although Asus has confirmed that the unit is sturdy, the flip motor gets stuck if your hand accidentally touches the camera unit while it is being rotated.

In Conclusion

In the fight of Asus 6z vs Xiaomi K20 Pro, the Xiaomi K20 Pro is the winner. However, Asus 6z does not fall far behind because of its big battery, excellent camera and 2TB expandable storage.

Thus in the battle of the best smartphones under Rs 30,000, the Xiaomi K20 Pro is the clear winner.

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