A.I. Learns And Recreates Nobel-winning Physics Experiment In Just One Hour


Artificial-intelligence-reproduces-physics-experiemnt-Short Bytes: Using artificial intelligence, physicists at Australian national university have been able to mimic a Nobel-winning experiment i.e. creation of a Bose-Einstein condensate. This AI took around a dozen of repetitions to learn and reproduce the experiment result.

Australian physicists at the Australian national university have created an AI that can mimic a physics experiment and even can improve the experiment further by learning.

The invention of such AI machine would facilitate physicists to focus more on the high-level problem rather than focussing more on the abstract levels.

The experiment performed by the AI was related to the creation of a Bose-Einstein condensate. Bose-Einstein condensate is a hyper-cold gas for which three physicists had won the Nobel Prize in 2001.

Australian physicists and AI re-created the experiment something like this:

  • First, they cooled down the gas to 1 microkelvin and then the control was passed over to the AI machine.
  • AI, through its learning, was successfully able to figure out ways to apply lasers and also control other parameters side by side to cool down it to a few hundred nanokelvin.
  • This feat was achieved after almost tens of repetitions. With each repetition, the AI got smarter and was more efficient in finding out the perfect way through learning.

Paul Wigley, a co-lead researcher says about the research:

It did things a person wouldn’t guess, such as changing one laser’s power up and down, and compensating with another. I didn’t expect the machine could learn to do the experiment itself, from scratch, in under an hour. It may be able to come up with complicated ways humans haven’t thought of to get experiments colder and make measurements more precise.

AI could be applied more in other physics automation experimentations where learning through repetition is needed.

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