Armadillo Is An Open-Source “USB Firewall” Device To Protect You Against USB Attacks


Exchanging data using USB devices is something that we do on a daily basis. But how often do you think that the next USB device that you’ll plug into your PC’s port could be malicious? In the past, researchers have unveiled 29 types of USB attacks that could compromise your sensitive data by simply plugging in a USB device.

Globotron’s Armadillo is a device that you could use to protect yourself from USB attacks.

Globotron Armadillo USB Firewall

Armadillo is an open-source portable device that acts as a firewall between a USB device and a computer. The firewall isolates the firmware of the USB device so as not to infect your PC if the device has been infected with malicious firmware. You just need to plug in Armadillo between your computer and the USB device using the provided micro-USB cable. Armadillo is an upgrade over USG, the original or first-generation USB hardware firewall device.

Armadillo USB Firewall diagram

The device is manufactured in New Zealand under the supervision of Globotron. The company promises that it will never outsource production to maintain the integrity of the device. Armadillo’s supply chain is strictly supervised and each unit is assembled carefully to ensure that the device meant to protect you isn’t compromised itself.

Supported Devices

Armadillo is a USB 2.0 compatible device and supports mass storage options like flash drives, hard drives, keyboards (101 keys) and mice (4 buttons with scroll wheel).Armadillo USB Firewall photo

Security Features Of Armadillo

USB Firewall

Armadillo blocks malicious USB commands so as to protect your PC from an infected drive. It also blocks hidden USB functions that could execute system commands and snoop on your network traffic.

Bot Detection

Armadillo has a bot detection feature that activates when the device detects that malicious codes are entered using keyboards and mice. Once the feature is activated, input will be blocked and a red LED will indicate to you about the feature.

Read-only Mode

If you want to protect the files stored on your USB drive from a malware-ridden computer, you can activate the “Read-only” mode by sliding a switch on the device. This feature activates only read-only functions of the computer and the data stored on your USB drive cannot be modified by the PC.

Tamper Protection

To ensure that nobody can tamper with Armadillo physically, it is sealed with glitter epoxy. It is next to impossible for anyone to tamper with the glitter glue and then pack the device exactly the way it originally came.

Buy Armadillo USB Firewall

You can purchase the Armadillo USB firewall for $249.00 NZD from the official website of Globotron.

Globotron Armadillo could turn out to be a useful device for those who are concerned about the security of their PC and the USB devices they use frequently. You can protect yourself from potential malware attacks that could originate from malicious USB storage devices.

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