Area 51 Raid Captured LIVE Featuring Keanu Reeves, Thanos & Lil Nas X

Area 51 Raid

The Area 51 raid is a success, at least in the world of anime. A cartoon video featuring Thanos, Keanu Reeves and a bunch of memorable celebrities has popped up online and it is the best to bless us, mortals.

If the presence of several wholesome people wasn’t enough, the video also features our savior Keanu Reeves doing the ‘EPIC’ Naruto run to evade bullets while Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ plays in the background. God, I love the internet.

The excellent video was officially posted by Lil Nas X on his Youtube channel. The animation in the video is done by Somehoodlum.

Area 51 Raid Will Be A Total Success

The ‘Storm Area 51’ event, which is due on Sept 20th, 2019 has received over a million attendees. People from around the world have signed up for the event. The entire thing started as a joke but now it is so huge that people in Nevada are readying themselves for a potential raid.

Seeing the gravity of the situation, the US Air Force also released an official statement recently to warn people about the dire consequences if they try to breach Area 51 security.

Coming back to the video, it showcases everything that we love on the internet including but not limited to Thanos, Keanu Reves, Lil Nas X, aliens and their ‘dope’ technologies.

Monster energy drink Kyle and her mother Karen were surprisingly missing from the raid in the video. Hopefully, they’ll attend the real storming of Area 51 on September 20th, 2019.

Disclaimer: Fossbytes does not support or encourage people from storming or raiding Area 51 in September 2019.

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