Are You a Tetris Addict? It Could Reduce Drug and Other Addictions


tetris-addictionShort Bytes: Tetris, a block arranging game, has proven beneficial to cure addiction of numerous types. According to a study, those who play Tetris on a regular basis, they have a low craving for junk food or harmful drugs.

Are you a Tetris addict? Tetris, a virtual matching-puzzle game, is not only an antidote for boredom, but it can also help to combat addiction.

A study conducted at Plymouth University and Queensland University of Technology in Australia finds that if you play Tetris for as little as three minutes a day, your craving for drugs, food and sex could be reduced.

The research was published in the Addictive Behaviors journal, where 31 participants were asked to text message seven times each day to prepare a report of any cravings they were feeling. Half of the participants were asked to then play Tetris for three minutes before reporting their craving strength again. In the end of the research, it was found that Playing Tetris can help one avoid gluttonous desires and reducing cravings by one-fifth.

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The study covered 31 undergraduates and their ages varied from 18 to 27. The study asked the participants to play Tetris at random intervals throughout the day and it was found that those who played the game were found to have decreased cravings for drugs, food and other addictive activities at a rate of 56 to 70 percent.

Hence, it can be argued that addiction to games can be good at times, So worry not, and enjoy the Tetris addiction, Happy playing!

Source: ScienceDirect

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