Are Android Devices Less Prone To Pegasus Than iPhones?

Are android devices less prone to iphones

You might’ve heard about Pegasus. A Spyware that remotely monitors people and governments use it. Created by Israel-based NSO Group Technologies, the spyware is targeted at VIPs like politicians and journalists. The current events are similar to the Watergate incident that occurred in 1972.

Despite Apple beating around the bush with “Privacy. That’s iPhone” billboards and digital ads, researchers have found that even iPhone’s security is no match for Pegasus. But what about Android devices? To know more, keep reading.

Pegasus Spyware: Is Android More Secure?

And… the answer is no. Android devices are not invincible to Pegasus. Security researchers at Amnesty research said that 23 out of 34 tested iPhones were affected, and 11 showed signs of infection.

On the other hand, only 3 of 15 Android devices showed that someone “tried” to hack. Now, before you start Tweeting, “haha! iPhones were never secure. Apple fans, you’re doomed!” the number of infected Android devices is lesser because Android’s logs are not extensive. They’re not comprehensive enough to store the information using which researchers can arrive at a conclusion.

In an interview with Google’s spokeswoman Kaylin Trychon, she said this.

Google has a threat analysis team that tracks NSO Group and other threat actors and that the company sent more than 4,000 warnings to users each month of attempted infiltrations by attackers, including government-backed ones.

“While we understand that persistent logs would be more helpful for forensic uses such as the ones described by Amnesty International’s researchers, they also would be helpful to attackers. We continually balance these different needs,” she added.

That said, so far, it looks like the malware is especially targeting iPhones. Could this be because the people who own them are usually important persons? There are a lot of mysteries to uncover at the moment. Do keep an eye on our website as we cover the mysteries unfolding. Meanwhile, you can read about what Apple said about the same.

We have also covered an article about checking if your phone’s infected with Pegasus. There are usually a lot of ways to avoid spyware, but Pegasus is hard to spot.

Do you own an Android device or an iPhone? What are your thoughts about Pegasus? Let us know in the comments section below.

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