Arduino Photogun “Shoots” Instant 8-bit Pictures


Is it a Camera? Or, is it a Gun? No, it’s a photogun. Forget the upbeat megapixel photography culture of today! Russian media artist Dmitry Morozov has created the “gbg-8” : an 8-bit picture capturing instant photogun combining the classic Nintendo Game Boy with a camera, a thermal printer, a gun and an Arduino. Arduino is a programmable software and hardware microcontroller used for various engineering and technical DIY projects.

The Arduino works as the digital soul of the photogun putting the camera’s data into the Game Boy and converting it into 8-bit photograph. The design of this particular camera is made to look like a funky photogun , with a special feature of shooter marker on its head.

As the Dmitry Morozov likes to call himself, an artist, this workpiece by him might possibly for a short time but can surely create a new trend now.



Are you going to buy this photogun? Tell us in comments!

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