ArchStrike Linux Distro For Ethical Hackers: Security Of Kali + Performance Of Arch


archstrike linux distroShort Bytes: ArchStrike ethical hacking distro is a pen testing and security layer on top of renowned Arch Linux. ArchStrike’s development team has now released the first ISO builds that come with more then 1,200 free and open source hacking tools.

The first ISO release of ArchStrike Linux distribution comes as a great news for ethical hackers and security researchers. If you are finding the new ArchStrike unfamiliar, let me tell you that it was previously called ArchAssault.

As the name suggests, ArchStrike Linux distro is based on the highly customizable and lightweight Arch Linux distro.

Now, the ArchStrike developers have announced that ISO images have been made available for download as the official installation medium. So, if you are willing to try out the latest ArchStrike Linux distro for hackers, you can go ahead and download ArchStrike 2016.07.21 ISOs for 64-bit and 32-bit CPUs.

ArchStrike is basically a layer on top of powerful Arch Linux distro. You can install and remove this layer without any hassle. The development team follows Arch Linux standards closely to make the packages easy-to-maintain and clean.

More than 1,200 pen testing tools in ArchStrike Linux

These first of their kind ArchStrike ISO images are loaded with over 1,200 cutting edge penetration testing tools. Following the hacker culture, these hacking tools are free and open source, allowing everyone to use them and make their infrastructure more secure.

To make the installation process easier and reduce the confusion for novice users, there’s a graphic installer. It’s important to note that root login has “root” set as both the password and username. For the standard user login, you need to use “archstrike” as your username and password.

The latest ArchStrike ISOs use lightweight OpenBox window manager and you can boot them using USB flash drives or DVDs.

You can follow this link to get the direct ISO downloads and their torrent files.

Give this Kali Linux alternative a try and share your views in the comments section below.

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