How To Watch Archive 81 Online For Free?

archive 81
Image: Netflix

Archive 81 is a new spine-chilling horror series that fans of the genre should watch out for. Part of its appeal lies behind the fact that James Wan, director of the horror classic The Conjuring, is one of its executive producers. Still, taking nothing away from the series itself, the plot involving satanic cults is also an intriguing playground.

The story of Archive 81 follows a person hired to restore videotapes that were damaged in a house fire. It focuses on how he eventually discovers the ominous truth surrounding the tragic incident, its victims, and an infamous cult. Interestingly, the series is inspired by a podcast of the same name.

The series stars Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi in the main roles of “Dan Turner” and “Melody Pendras” respectively. Joining them in a supporting role is Matt McGorry as “Mark.”

Where Can I Watch Archive 81 Online?

Archive 81 is yet another widely-anticipated Netflix production. It is one of the newest web series available on the popular OTT platform right now. You can check out its official Netflix page here.

How To Watch Archive 81 On Netflix For Free?

The golden days of a free Netflix trial are over, but the binge-watching spree doesn’t have to stop. There are some essential services that you might already be subscribed to that offer Netflix membership as a bundled benefit.

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Besides Netflix, both carriers also provide Amazon PrimeVideo and Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions with these postpaid plans.

Is Archive 81 Worth Watching?

Archive 81 is the kind of series that has everything to entice you: a unique plot, a big-name producer, and early critical acclaim. A big drawing factor for this series is its pre-existing fanbase, thanks to the namesake podcast that is already into its third season.

Additionally, this project boasts one of the most popular personalities in the horror movie industry, James Wan, as its executive producer. The involvement of someone who also played a part in memorable flicks, such as Saw and The Conjuring, is definitely a plus point.

As if that wasn’t enough, the early reviews coming in for Archive 81 are favorable as well. Rotten Tomatoes certified it as “Fresh” and gave it a solid 92% rating based on 12 critic ratings. Whereas, Metacritic gave the series 72/100 based on 9 critic reviews.

So, will you be tuning in to Archive 81? Do you think the series adaptation will do justice to the original podcast? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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