Apricity OS, An Arch Linux-based Distro, Is Now Officially Dead


Short Bytes: The developers of Apricity OS Linux distro have announced that they’re shutting down the development process of their distro. They have listed lack of time as the major reason behind this decision. Just in case you’re running this Arch Linux-based distro, you won’t be getting any future updates–so, it’s time to make a switch to some other Linux distro.

Last year in August, we told you about the first stable release of Apricity Linux distribution. It was designed for the beginners, who wished to use an easy-to-install and ready-to-use operating systems. Based on Arch Linux, the OS initially shipped in Cinnamon and GNOME flavors. In a sad development, the short journey of Apricity OS has come to an end.

In a post on the Apricity OS website, the team of developers announced that Apricity is now officially dead. “Like all good things, Apricity OS must come to an end,” the team wrote.

Why has Apricity OS come to an end? Will I receive updates?

The developers of the OS have listed lack of time as the primary driving force behind this step. The team expressed its gratitude for being a part of the community.

They also wished that the users will switch to some other Linux distro and continue using Linux. “We hope that your time using our operating system has been enjoyable and that you continue to explore using Linux in the future,” they said.

Just in case you’re running Apricity OS on your desktop and laptops, you won’t be receiving updates. So, you need to make a switch.

Are there any Apricity OS alternatives?

In the Linux world, there’s no dearth of alternatives. Just in case you’re searching for another good looking Arch-based operating system that’s easy to install, feel free to try out Manjaro Linux. As Manjaro is one of the fastest growing and popular distros around, you can rest assured regarding its future.

Here are some other top Linux distro lists to help you out make the Apricity OS alternative decision:

Which are your favorite Linux distros? Don’t forget to share your views.

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