Apple’s Swift Programming Language Is Now Available On Windows 10


The Swift project initially arrived as Apple’s proprietary language, but it was open-sourced for both Linux and Apple platforms back in 2015. Now, Swift programming language has officially arrived on Windows 10. So developers no longer have to rely on the unofficial port for Windows.

The Swift team has released new toolchain images that can be downloaded for the Windows 10 operating system. This means that all necessary tools, for instance, the compiler and core libraries, to create functional apps are available for developers right now.

Swift On Windows 10

Saleem Abdulrasool, Swift Core Team member and software engineer at Google Brain, writes that the process of porting Swift to Windows is not limited to compiler only. They have shipped standard and core libraries as well to reduce the coding complexity for developers.

With these core libraries and the flexible interoperability of Swift with C, developers can take advantage of the existing Windows libraries to build, run and debug code directly on Windows 10.

Abdulrasool further demoed a basic Calculator app written entirely in Swift that leverages application code as well as Windows system libraries.


Early adopters such as Readdle that has been a long-time Mac and iOS developer have also been testing and experimenting with Swift on Windows 10. They have been fairly successful in their tests so far.

It is to be noted that a broader part of the ecosystem like lldb and Swift Package Manager is currently not supported on Windows. This is because more work needs to be done in order to provide complete support for this platform. But the team says it will arrive pretty soon.

Those who want to try out Swift on Windows 10 can refer here.

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