Apple Working On 16K Wireless VR/AR Headset; Plans To Release By 2020


Apple is reportedly working on a headset that can support both Virtual and Augmented Reality. According to CNET, the project has been codenamed T288, and the tentative schedule of its release is 2020.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has often expressed his admiration for augmented reality and focused on pushing augmented reality in iPhones and iPads over the past year, but it turns out that he may have a keen interest in VR too.

Sources have claimed that the VR-AR supporting headset will sport 8K display for each eye, but streaming dual 8K feeds wirelessly can be quite challenging. However, if this scheme comes to fruition, it will offer a much higher resolution than the best TVs at present.

It is also said to be “untethered from a computer or smartphone” and connected wirelessly to a dedicated processing box. This box will be run by an Apple-designed 5-nanometer chip which would be quite powerful.

Apple’s headset would be capable of detecting your position in a room, and secondary sensors won’t be required to set up the device unlike other VR headsets such as Oculus or Vive.

However, the project is still in its early stages and if everything goes right, we might be able to see in in the next two years. But there are chances that it might never see the day of light just like many other experimental projects.

Apple is yet to comment officially on this project, nevertheless, the prospect of a hybrid VR-AR headset seems pretty exciting to me. What do you think? Let us know in the comment box!

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