Apple Is Allegedly Working On iPhone Models Without SIM Card Slot

eSIM-only iPhones might be coming in 2022.


Rumors of the iPhone 14 surfaced on the internet even before Apple launched its iPhone 13 lineup. While the iPhone 14 lineup is still far from its launch, there are rumors of the iPhone 15 doing rounds. Likewise, according to Blog do iPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro variants might not have a physical SIM card slot.

Rumors from the Brazilian publication emphasize that Apple’s Pro models of the iPhone coming in 2023 won’t have SIM card slots and will entirely rely on eSIM technology. Apple first introduced eSIM support on iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max in 2018.

It won’t be a surprise if Apple eliminates the SIM slots, as the company has done before and others followed. For instance, Apple was the first company to remove the headphone jack from its phones. The 2023 iPhone 15 lineup will probably launch with dual eSIM support. However, the tech giant might have to make a separate iPhone for countries where eSIM is unavailable.

However, this was only one rumor until another came out. An anonymous source informed MacRumors that Apple had advised U.S. carriers to prepare for the launch of eSIM-only phones. Likewise, a source revealed that Apple might launch eSIM-only phones in 2022 (which is as early as per the previous rumor).

The source’s information is not definite, but it might be true, considering the present circumstances. Hence, even the iPhone 14 lineup may launch without a SIM card slot. Given the 2022 time frame, the transition to phones without physical SIM card slots might come sooner than expected.

Siddharth Dudeja

Siddharth Dudeja

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