Apple Wins Patents For ‘Zero Border’ MacBook Display, Apple Car Climate Control

From narrow to no bezels.

MacBook Display
Image: Yanko Design

Apple is the biggest company in Silicon Valley, and over the years, it has been responsible for revolutionizing the tech sector. However, the key to growing is never stopping.

Going by that mantra, as per a recent report by The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is living on the idea. The company has over 63 new patents granted for Apple Inc.

Zero Border MacBook display

In 2020, Apple published a design report for a MacBook with a zero border display that the Hong Kong patent office granted. It seemed nearly impossible that the company would make it work, as per various enthusiasts.

However, against all odds, Apple still got the design patent for it, and yesterday the company got a “Hybrid architecture for zero border Macbook display” utility patent approved.

Here is the design patent image of the Zero border MacBook display:          

MacBook Display
Image Credit – PatentlyApple

Apple mentioned in the granted patent that pictures display the “hybrid architectures” and the “methods of operating a display panel” in which the pixel driving function circuitry and the row function circuitry are joined in a mainstay of the hybrid pixel driver chips.

This method reduces the total area consumed by the silicon chips by removing the identified row driver chips. Additionally, the arrangement simplifies the assembly of tile-based display panel configurations with the desired shapes and sizes and zero or reduced borders.

Project Titan: Vehicle thermal system

Apple got another patent granted for “thermal management systems and procedure” for operating the thermal management systems.

It lets the independent thermal management regulate several vehicle subsystems by a mutual cold and heat-producing power plant, through a fuel-powered or electric refrigerant cycle, like the R744 refrigerant cycle (CO2-based).

Additionally, the heat management between the subsystems is attained through the direct mixture of the subsystem liquid coolant streams to consume the heat waste from a system to add the heat to another one as required.

Image Credit – PatentlyApple

The waste heat transfers directly mixing the liquid coolant streamlets without requiring the heat exchange components between the subsystems. Furthermore, it provides the best theoretical heat transfer exchange method possible among the subsystems.

The system utilizes a liquid coolant like the Glycol-water coolant as the primary heat transfer media because of its low freezing point compared to pure water, higher heat capacity than air, and its capability to be routed to any location where the heat needs to be applied or extracted.



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