Apple Will Launch A New M2 iPad Pro This Year

Bigger size brings bigger performance!

Apple Will Launch A New M2 iPad Pro This Year
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Apple unveiled its brand new M2 chip at the WWDC last week. Although the M1 was already quite powerful, the M2 chip brings significant improvements in terms of performance and power consumption. Just like the M1, It looks like the M2 chip will also make its way to the iPad Pro this year.

Analyst Ross Young said that Apple is planning a 14.1-inch iPad Pro for early 2023. It will have ProMotion along with a miniLED panel.

Although, earlier it was possible that Apple would abandon its intentions to release a new iPad Pro model in 2022. But according to Mark Gurman, Apple’s Pro lineup will be updated this year.

Is iPad Pro coming this year?

Apple Will Launch A New M2 iPad Pro This Year
Image Credit: Unsplash

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that says the new iteration can make its way in later September or October.

“It depends on how you define ‘soon’. If soon is September or October, then yes. And I am looking forward to it. My 2020 iPad Pro with an A12Z is already showing its age (amazing how that works)– and it doesn’t support the latest multitasking features. In fact, I’ve loaded up iPadOS 16 on my iPad Pro and I really can’t find anything new. For the next iPad Pro, expect M2 chips, wireless charging, and upgrades to the camera system.”

Mark Gurman

Further, a report by 9to5Mac also says that Apple is indeed set to update the iPad Pro in 2022. There are various new features coming to the tablet, said the report.

As the M2 chip was just announced with the new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro it makes sense to put it in another lineup of devices. Along with high performance, it will bring significant improvements to the camera as well.

With Apple just announcing iPadOS 16, it’s only natural that the company is gearing up to release a new iPad Pro this year. 9To5Mac also raised its concern that; it’s still unclear if Apple will only release an 11-inch iPad now, or if it will release these two iPads first, followed by a 14-inch device early next year.

Our guess is that the iPad family could get a new member in form of the 14-inch iPad Pro while retaining the 13 and 11-inch Pro models. This will give Apple the lineup it needs to compete with Samsung’s aggressive tablets that are as big as 15-inch.

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