iPhone 15: Ming-Chi Kuo Says Apple Will Differentiate Pro From Pro Max Models For Better Sales

Apple needs to innovate more!

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Apple unveiled iPhone and other devices couple yesterday. Clearly, there were two different categories of iPhone 14, one with the older processor and marginal improvements, while the other two had a newer processor and bigger 48MP camera. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has shared some new insights on Twitter regarding the next iPhone successor.

As per Kuo, Apple will need to work harder on making the Pro and Pro Max models distinguishable. It is because the current iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models aren’t anything different except the larger body frame on the latter. With a bigger body, it is able to offer a 6.7-inch display and a bigger battery.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions

The last few years have been very hard on Apple’s smartphone innovation game. While new features continue to pop up with every generation, the exterior still looks pretty much the same. The cameras have become bigger, and the new iPhones are thicker now, both of which don’t strike as innovation to many; however, if Apple wants to maintain its image as an innovator, it surely has to offer a more distinguishable lineup in the new iPhone series.

Ming-Chi Kuo
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Even Steve Job’s daughter mocked the new iPhone 14 lineup on Instagram. It contained a meme that was an indirect jibe at the similarity between the iPhone 13 and 14. Even Apple loyalists continue to draw the same conclusions because iPhones have become hard to tell apart.

Android is no threat to Apple

Ming-Chi Kuo also shared that despite the mundane design attempts, Apple has no threat from Android in the high-end smartphone market due to its robust brand value. Moreover, Apple offers an unparalleled device ecosystem that is hard for anyone else to replicate.

But the foldable smartphone is a market that Apple hasn’t entered until now. News of Apple acquiring patents for foldable devices continues to surface but the company has never hinted at making a foldable device. Samsung had a great week so far and continued to mock Apple for its “groundbreaking” features in the iPhone lineup. Samsung said that their phones have been filming in 8K for over 2.5 years. Recently, Samsung tweeted “let us know when it folds.” which referred to the fact that Apple hasn’t had the courage to step into foldable phones.

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