Apple Watch Series 8 Vs 7 Vs SE: Which One Should You Consider?

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Apple introduced some of its latest “innovations” by launching the Series 8 smartwatch, which unsurprisingly looks the same as last year’s Series 7. While Apple unequivocally claims that it’s the best bleeding-edge smartwatches ever created, you might want to look back and decide between the Series 8. The previous generation watches to save money. Hence, in this article, let’s look at the Series 8 vs. 7 vs. SE comparison and find out which one’s the best for you.

Apple Watch Series 8 Vs. 7 Vs. SE: It’s Easy

Apple’s latest Series 8, launched at its Far Out event, brings in new software features. Likewise, here’s a quick comparison of the Series 8, Series 7, and the good-old SE.

Here are all the Series 8 features.

DesignSimilar to Series 7’s
PerformanceApple S8 SoC
Size47 mm
ColorsRed, Sliver, Midnight, and Starlight
Battery18-hour battery life without Low Power Mode
36-hour battery life with Low Power Mode
OSwatchOS 9
PricingStarts at $399 (GPS variant) and $499 (Cellular variant)

Here are all the Series 7 features

DesignAluminum, Stainless Steel, and Titanium variants with a slightly curved display.
PerformanceApple S8 SoC
Size45 mm or 41 mm
ColorsRed, Sliver, Midnight, and Starlight
Battery18 hours *claimed
OSwatchOS 8
PricingStarting $399

Apple Watch SE specifications

Display30% larger than Series 3
DesignFlat screen and stainless steel build
PerformanceApple S5 SoC
Size44 mm or 40 mm
ColorsRed, Sliver, Midnight, and Starlight
Battery18 hours *claimed
OSwatchOS 8
PricingStarting $279

The major differences between Series 8 and 7 are the temperature sensor and a bigger display. Apart from that, there are a few new software features such as blood pressure monitoring, diabetes detection, and crash detection. However, there’s no reason not to consider the Series 8 over 7 if you only care about the new software features.

If you own a Series 3 and want to upgrade, the Series 7 will be your best bet, considering the prices will go down once Series 8 is out. The SE, on the other hand, lacks a few features compared to Series 7 and the S5 custom SoC. Although, the Series 7 and 8 should charge faster.


The bottom line is that by considering the SE, you’re not missing out on a lot of features except ECG and Blood Oxygen. Considering the SE’s price will also go down if you’re running short on money, it’s still a great buy. However, we can’t say the same to Series 7 users, as they hardly miss out on anything.

That said, get the Series SE if you’re short on money; get the Series 7 if you absolutely need ECG and Blood Oxygen; get the Series 8 if you want the latest and greatest.

What are your thoughts about Series 8? Do you think it’s worth upgrading from Series 7 or SE? Let us know in the comments below.

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Abubakar Mohammed

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