Apple Sued By New York Teen For $1 Billion For False Theft Charges

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Apple Sued
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Apple Sued” is a headline that made the rounds recently with the ongoing tussle between the iPhone maker and Qualcomm. However, this time an 18-year old teenager named Ousmane Bah has sued Apple for $1 billion over false theft charges.

Ousmane Bah’s lawyer is taking the tech giant to court for continuous harassment from Apple, which allegedly wasn’t able to look at the photo and identify the person involved in a series of thefts in different Apple stores.

Apple Sued: Curious Case Of Identity Theft

A while ago Ousmane Bah lost his driver’s permit with his name on it. The permit reportedly had no picture of Ousmane, which the real thief took advantage of.

In a number of thefts across the Apple store, the thief used Ousmane’s permit to identify himself, thus leaving him to face the hammer of the law.

Bah was arrested several times, majorly when a robbery at an Apple store took place. Ousmane was brought in by police on 4 November 2018 despite his arrest warrant having a different photo.

To make matters worse, the 18-year old was also arrested while he was attending his senior prom, which, to be honest, just feels wrong.

After being repeatedly harassed by Apple, Bah finally decided to take the company to court and has demanded $1 billion in compensation for the inconvenience caused to him.

According to the victim’s lawyer, Subhan Tariq, Ousmane has had a clean record and has never been arrested for any felony. The disgraceful move from Apple left the poor boy ‘feeling humiliated, afraid, and deeply concerned’.

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