Apple Sued In The U.K. Over iPhone 5G License

Users need not be worried about the fate of the iPhone.

Apple Sued In The U.K. Over iPhone 5G License
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Apple is reportedly facing multiple lawsuits over the use of 5G technology in their its. The Sweden-based company Ericsson is behind the lawsuit, and it has alleged that Apple is using its 5G patents in the U.K. without the required license.

Ericsson is at a legal war against Apple, the company has already filed many lawsuits against Apple in different countries. The United Kingdom now seems to be the latest arena of the ongoing technological dispute.

Why is Ericsson suing Apple?

Apple Sued In The U.K. Over iPhone 5G License
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A report by iMore goes into great detail about the whole fiasco. It says Ericsson has filed the lawsuit in 6 different locations and they’re even getting a trial next year in the US. However, Ericsson does not seem to be seeking any kind of ban or injunction against Apple or any of its products.

The dispute seems to be over the use of patents that cover 5G connectivity in Apple’s latest devices. Apple made a big deal about releasing 5G with its iPhone 12 and continuing in the iPhone 13. 5G was definitely an upgrade that brought faster browsing, downloads, and data usage for users.

Although the advancements seem great, the patents for Apple’s 5G tech are owned by Ericsson. Apple previously had a licensing deal over 3G and 4G until recently with the company. According to the report after the expiration of the previous deal; the company failed to make a deal on a new licensing agreement with 5G included.

Will the lawsuit affect the production of the iPhone?

This by no means will lead Apple to halt the sales of their current products. Neither will it harm the sales of the upcoming iPhone 14. The report further suggested that Ericsson could be paid a licensing sum by Apple for the use of its patents.

A figure that was brought into consideration by the two companies last year was up to $5 per unit. This could hence result in a giant figure for Ericsson as apple makes millions of 5G capable iPhones as well as iPads every year.

Talking about 5G capable devices Apple is going to release the latest iPhone 14 in the fall of this year. The device is rumored to have a 48-megapixel rear camera and an upgraded front camera to capture more light. The all-new A16 bionic will be powering the pro models, with iPhone 14 coming with the last year’s A15.

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