First Ever Crash Of Apple’s Self-driving Car Confirmed In Silicon Valley

first apple car
first apple car

According to a report filed with the California DMV, it has been confirmed that one of Apple’s self-driving cars recently met with an accident in Silicon Valley.

As per the report, the car being tested was a modified Lexus RX450h SUV. The model is also used by Google to test its self-driving technology. It was traveling at just 1 mph and trying to merge into an expressway when a Nissan Leaf, going at 15 mph, rear-ended it.

While both the cars sustained some visible damages, no passenger was injured in the crash.

The accident of Apple’s secretive car took place on August 24. Such accidents have become an inevitable part of the journey as the tech companies are increasing their presence on the roads.

The report doesn’t mention much about the accident or reveal anything about Apple’s self-driving technology.

It goes without saying that such accidents keep underlining the fact the tech companies need to do more to learn how humans think and behave on the road. This crash also brings Apple’s autonomous driving efforts again into the limelight. The company hasn’t revealed anything officially about its secretive Project Titan, and one shouldn’t expect anything concrete in the near future.

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