Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview For macOS Ventura With New Features

Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 147

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Apple introduced macOS Ventura, alongside other exciting announcements at the WWDC 2022. For Mac users, the new operating system is full of features that will improve productivity and overall functionality of their systems.

Although tech enthusiasts can barely contain their eagerness to test out Apple’s new inventions, there is still time for the official release.

Some users have opted for the beta version to kill time while they wait, while others are still on macOS Monterey. Well, if you haven’t updated to macOS Ventura beta, there is no need! You can test out the unreleased macOS Ventura Safari features through the latest Safari Technology Preview.

Apple’s Safari Technology Preview

For those unaware, Safari Technology Preview is an experimental browser that tests features, which will be released in the updated version of Safari. The company has released Safari Technology Preview 147, with multiple macOS Ventura features.

The new browser comes packed with many features, like improved web extensions, live text, and Apple Passkeys support, to name a few. However, many significant features, like website settings, etc., are missing.

With Live text, users can freely interact with text in videos and images and even translate it into their language if it is in a foreign tongue. You will also get your hands on the web push, which will allow you to send notifications to people who opt in on your website.

Passkeys are another critical feature that most people were excited to try out. It is more secure, phishing-free, and makes signing in on websites more manageable and more convenient.

Passkeys uses Touch ID or Face ID authentication and synchronizes passwords through iCloud. You can also turn existing developer tool extensions to use in Web Inspector.

How to install Safari Technology Preview

Now, the only thing left to know is how to install the Safari Technology Preview and try it out yourself.

You can install it from the Apple Developer website, where you will be provided with step-by-step instructions on installing it on your Mac. The app does not replace your main Safari application and can be installed on macOS Ventura beta and Monterey.



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