Apple Has Reportedly Shown Its AR/VR Headset To Board Of Directors

We can expect more leaks soon.

Apple Has Reportedly Shown Its AR/VR Headset To Board Of Directors
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Apple showed its mixed reality headset to the board of the company last week. According to the rumors, it is a “mixed reality headset”. Apple AR will be capable of both augmented and virtual reality. Apple is currently working on an operating system for the device.

Firstly, Bloomberg reports there’s a historical precedent for the board seeing devices shortly before an announcement. The Board got an early preview of Siri in 2011 as well. The headset would be Apple’s first new product category since the Apple Watch in 2015.

Board reviewed the Apple AR headset

Apple Has Reportedly Shown Its AR/VR Headset To Board Of Directors
image credit: Unsplash

Bloomberg also reported about the members of the board. It includes its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tim Cook, along with eight other independent directors. According to him, the Board reviewed the product and was made aware of this fact.

That the development of Apple’s AR headset has reached a monumental milestone. Since WWDC is next month and it is highly unlikely we’ll see a headset in the event. However, The reports suggest that an announcement by the company is soon to come.

Apple will probably introduce new iOS features and software-related stuff in the upcoming event. However, Apple has reportedly “ramped up development” of “Reality os” or “Ros”. Apple is not known for going all-in on software firsthand.

So It would only make sense that the hardware of Apple’s AR is now close to completion. Given Bloomberg’s report that the headset’s consumer release is planned for late this year or 2023. it’s likely the one that was recently unveiled as it is much closer to its final state.

What would it look like?

The general public clearly has no clue as to what this headset will look like. However, The Information reported it will have AirPods Max-Esque fabric mesh. It’ll have a headband that almost looks like a fancy Apple Watch loop.

When it comes to functionality, leaks even suggest that it’ll be powered by an M1 chip. After a plethora of leaks and years of waiting, we think we’re close to finally seeing an Apple AR device.

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