Apple Removes iPod Touch From Its Website

Say the final goodbye to an epic music and entertainment gadget by Apple!

Apple Removes iPod Touch From Its Website
Image: Apple

Apple removed the iPod touch from its website. While this was an expected action, the nostalgia of the iPod makes it unbelievable for many. Apple took the decision not to make any new iPod Touch last month.

You could buy it from the website and the retail stores, which didn’t have that many units, to begin with. The news marks the end of revolutionary music and entertainment gadget that dominated the market. It even managed to stay afloat a few years after smartphones became mainstream.

Apple iPod Touch

Twitter user @HeedoAbuLaban spotted the change on the Apple website and published a Tweet about it. He said that the company removed iPod from the website. However, it is only true for some regions where there aren’t any units left to sell.

The iPod touch page is no longer available in Canada, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or South Korea.

When you try to search for iPod Touch and follow the Google results, it redirects you to the Apple support website. These pages contain information about the iPod Touch manual, technical specifications, and service options.

The U.S. website still has an active marketing page for the iPod touch despite no stocks. It is only a matter of time before Apple completely removes the URLs. However, the company should release an official statement once the device is gone for good.

iPod touch
Image: Apple

Why did Apple discontinue it?

Music and entertainment gadgets were a race in the first decade of the 21st century. But iPod became obsolete with time. Apple iPhone was the first product that made it look average because it could do all the things and had a sim card slot.

iPod soon became a novelty thing as people found it difficult to stay away from their smartphones for even a minute. You can still buy the iPod touch from the Apple Store or a reseller. Keep in mind that Apple might discontinue software support for it in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Apple App Store developers saw a 113% growth in their revenue. Will you miss the iPod touch? Would it make sense to buy one today? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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