Apple Kills More Intel Inside MacBook Air With Homemade Component

Intel commissions bye-bye!

MacBook Air M2 teardown
Image: iFixit

A few days back, iFixit spotted that Apple had removed the last remnants of Intel components from the M2 MacBook. iFixit was performing a complete teardown of the device and noticed the change in the new lineup of Mac devices launched a month back.

Apple switched to custom processors a while back. Since then, its silicon division has launched capable processors one after another. There was a time when Intel chips powered the uber-popular Macs but that’s not the case anymore. The company is focusing on becoming self-reliant in the processor division as well.

Why did Apple remove the component?

Apple didn’t announce the removal of a small yet crucial component from the new Macs. iFixit made this discovery which was soon highlighted by a Twitter user @SkyJuice, who shared an image of the new retimers which replaced the Intel ones. MacRumors spotted this first and posted about the change on their site.

If you are wondering why did it change manufacturers, here are a few thoughts. The first one is to probably reduce the dependence on Intel for any kind of component sourcing. However, it isn’t good news for Intel, which lost a good source of revenue from an established tech giant. It has to bid adieu to the commissions it used to make on the sale of every Apple product that used its components.

Image: Apple

The second reason why Apple, or any brand for that matter, switches suppliers is because of saving costs. While the clear reason is unknown, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple is dropping reliance on Intel components by the year-end or so. Meanwhile, the new iPhone 14 lineup will launch in the coming months and holds the potential to create massive revenue for Apple.

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