Apple Pay Later Is Coming To Apple Card, And Here’s Why It’s Important

The company is joining the buy-now-pay-later trend.

Apple Card to get Appple Pay Later
Image: Apple

Apple is reportedly working on an “Apple Pay Later” service for Apple card users. This new buy-now-pay-later trend will add to the already convincing case of the tech giant’s Card. The Cupertino giant already offers zero-interest installments to Apple Card holders.

Bloomberg Law reports that the Apple Pay Later service will be backed by Goldman Sachs, which also backs Apple Card. It is also reported that the rollout of this feature won’t be limited to the Apple Store. This means if you buy anything using the Apple Card, you may be eligible for easy installments later.

Apple Pay Later, Apple Card, And 0% Financing

One of the major advantages of owning an Apple Card is the cashback and zero financing benefits that come with it. You can buy an iPhone at 24 months of installments on zero interest.

Other than that, the card also gets you 3% cashback on Apple Store purchases, and 2% cashback if you shop on certain brands. Add the Apple Pay Later feature, and you can certainly make more purchases in easy installments.

However, with the current antitrust matters against the company, this feature might just add flames to the fire for Apple. The company’s payment platform is also facing antitrust cases in different countries. With its practices already under question, it remains to be seen how the company will go about the Apple Pay later approach.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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