Apple Is Making iPhone Cases That Change UI For Gaming, Photography, And More

Check out patents these fantastic iPhone cases!

Apple Is Making iPhone Cases That Change UI For Gaming, Photography, And More
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Apple cases have seen tremendous variety over the years. Third-party case makers do not disappoint in delivering great cases for newer iPhones either. Apple, however, has filed a patent regarding iPhone cases and docks that support near-field communication systems.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple. The application suggests that Apple could soon work on electronic devices and accessories(cases and docks) having wireless communication systems.

How would these iPhone cases be used?

Apple Is Making iPhone Cases That Change UI For Gaming, Photography, And More
image credit: patently apple

According to patently apple cases and docks can be used in multiple scenarios. These cases will quite significantly change the UI of the iPhone. Making it adapt with whatever case is put on.

For instance, when put into a sport-focused protective case, the iPhone will automatically replace its graphical interface with one that is sport-focused. This possibly won’t be the same as putting on a theme on an Android. Rather an integrated change in the UI.

Let’s look at another example. It shows putting the iPhone in the speaker dock will change its Ui with a set of audio playback controls. Music lovers are going to have a blast with it if it ever sees the light of day. The patent even demonstrates a camera and gaming-centric case.

The whole point is, that when an iPhone goes into any of these cases or docks, it will change accordingly. iPhones will adapt and dedicate themselves to accessories. This will enable the long-awaited customization ability for iPhone. Possibly making it even simpler than the standard ios UI.

Does it make sense?

Apple also released a patent last week. Using an iPhone for self diving inputs in a car. These patents sure are exciting but would they be fair in real life in terms of applicability?

Personally, there is much to love about the patent. The idea of changing the UI of your iPhone according to the scenario seems exciting. There are endless possibilities as to how it’d be applicable and useful. It still is hard to imagine how it would look in person.

Would you like to change the UI of your iPhone every now and then? Tell us your thoughts.

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