Apple Will Give Beats Flex Earphones Free To New Student Subscribers

Get free earphones with Apple Music
Image: Apple

Student Plans for any service is priced lesser than the other plans. This is done to make these more reachable to a young audience and grow and cultivate long-term subscribers. Apple Music already has a student subscription plan that gets more exciting from now onwards.

If someone subscribes to the student plan for the first time, they may get a chance to grab the Beats Flex Earphones for free.

But Apple is selectively benevolent here. You cannot be an existing member of the student plan to avail this offer. You need to be a first-time subscriber to get access to the free earphones deal this summer.

How to get Beats Flex Earphones for free with Apple Music?

Apple Music
Image: Apple

First things first – the offer is for a limited time only. It won’t last long as per the official Apple document, The first condition clearly states that the offer begins from the 22 June 2022 onwards and will continue for a limited time.

It is valid for US and UK residents only. However, there are no details about when the offer ends. Limited time is usually a bait to onboard as many subscribers as possible. The next rule states that you cannot be an existing subscriber of the Apple Music student plan.

You need to be a new subscriber to avail this offer. So, if you were excited about getting a new pair of earphones because you already own the student plan, forget that. You must be a student studying a bachelor’s degree, post-graduate degree, or equivalent Higher Education course at a University or College (the U.S. only).

Apple will verify your student identity and only after that you can get access to the Apple Music plan at an economized price. Plus the Beats Flex Earphones too! You cannot combine this offer with any other Apple Music plan and have to pay after a 30-day trial to become eligible for the freebie. Apple will send you the link to redeem the freebie only after you pay for the first month of the Apple Music student plan. Still, it is not a bad deal if you get earphones and Apple Music for the price of one.

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