Apple Adds Door Detection And New Accessibility Features For Differently-Abled Users

Apple is revamping accessibility features with ML.

Apple Accessibility Features
Image: Apple

Apple has previewed a slew of accessibility features for differently-abled users. The newly announced features are Door Detection, Apple Watch Mirroring, and Live Captions. With these features, users with disabilities will get help in navigating and connecting with others.

Apple Accessibility Features

Starting with Door Detection, It will help blind and low-visioned users. With the help of Door Detection, those users can navigate the last few feet of their destination. When users reach a new destination, they will know how far they are from the door.

Door Detection will also read door attributes like whether the door is opened or closed. If the door is closed, Door Detection will let them know how they can open the door by pushing, turning the knob, or pulling the handle. It can also read signs and symbols near doors.

It uses the LIDAR Scanner, Camera, and on-device machine learning capability of the iPhone and iPad to make it possible. So the feature will only be available on iPhones and iPad that have the LIDAR Scanner. Users can access it within the Magnifier app in a new detection mode.

For users with physical or motor disabilities, Apple has come up with an Apple Watch mirroring feature. It will help them control their Apple Watch using their iPhones. Apple Watch Mirroring uses accessibility features like Voice Control and Switch Control. The user can use voice commands, sound actions, and head tracking to tap on their Apple Watch Display.

For Deaf and hard-of-hearing users, Apple has brought Live Captions on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. They will see the live caption on the screen when the audio comes on the device. If required, users can increase the size of the text. Apple has also added 20 new languages and locales to its screen reader app, VoiceOver.

All these features will be available across all the Apple platforms at the end of this year. Apple will send software updates to make these features available. What are your thoughts about Apple previewing so many accessibility features? Let us know in the comments.

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