New Apple Music Sing Feature Changes Your iPhone Into A Karaoke Machine

It is also coming for the iPad and Apple TV 4K.

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Apple is rolling out a new Apple Music Sing feature for the Apple Music app. As the name suggests, the feature will allow users to sing along to their favorite songs and use their iPhones like a karaoke machine. The feature offers adjustable vocals and real-time lyrics so users can adjust the song to their liking. Apple says that Apple Music Sing will roll out later in December to all Apple Music users.

Those familiar with the Apple ecosystem know that all Apple apps work across Apple devices. So any new feature is likely to roll out to all of those devices. In this case, too, the feature will roll out for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV 4K. This means Apple TV and iPad users can use the big screens and turn their speaker systems into karaoke machines.

The company says it will also roll out 50 companion playlists to get users started with the feature. These playlists will have duets, choruses, and popular anthems optimized for Apple Music.

Apple Music Sing complete features list

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The Apple Music Sing feature will come with features that let users control how they sing along to a song. Here are three key featurs that highlights of Apple Music Sing.

  1. Adjustable vocals: Users will be able to adjust a song’s vocal levels, sing to the original track, or create their own mix.
  2. Background vocals: This will allow Apple Music Sing users to allow background vocals on top of their own singing
  3. Real-time lyrics: Apple already has real-time lyrics for most of the tracks, and this feature gets carried forward into karaoke mode too.
  4. Duet view: If a song has multiple vocals, users can use a diet view to see the split screen of all the lyrics for multiple singers to take part in the karaoke and make a duet.

The feature will roll out later this month, and we’ll link this article with easy tutorials on how to use the Apple Music Sing feature on various Apple devices. You can follow us on Instagram and Telegram for all the latest updates.

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