Apple Maps New Feature Will Make Google Maps Users Jealous

2 New iOS 16 Apple Maps Features Will Improve the Way You Travel

Apple Maps
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Apple’s replacement for Google Maps was Apple Maps, and ever since the application’s release in 2012, it has become a staple in a user’s day-to-day life.

Now, the application is coming out with a new feature that will give it an edge over its competitor. According to a tweet by iOS developer Steve Moser, Apple Maps code suggests that it might offer navigation for E-bikes soon.

Apple Maps e-bikes navigation

E-Bikes are becoming increasingly popular, as they are easy to ride and a good alternative to cars. Apple Maps will provide optimized routes for E-Bikes and offer estimated arrival times too.

As of now, we are unsure over what the difference will be in the directions for electric and non-electric bikes, but one possibility is that the latter will have steep paths that are better for a motorized vehicle.

Google Maps does not offer exclusive E-bike routes, but it still shows where a user can rent a bike from and the ETA. E-bike routes on Apple Maps could also feature charging station locations for a quick top-up or even battery swap for eligible bikes.

New features in iOS 16

To add to the app’s list of amenities, at the WWDC event, we were introduced to a few exclusive facilities that Apple is bringing to Apple Maps.

During the event, we learned that Apple would finally roll out Maps in eleven more countries. One major update that we will see in the app is multistop routing. As per the company, it was the users’ “most requested feature”.

Using this new feature, you can plan 15 stops on your iPhone or start the plan on your Mac and send it over to your iPhone. To use this, you must open Maps and type in your first destination. To add stops, click the ‘Add Stop’ button and type in your destination.

Similarly, Apple users are also getting new transit features. These will make your trip convenient if you use public transit, you can see how much your trip will cost from within the app. You can also add a new transit card from Apple Maps to your Apple Wallet App.

It is refreshing to see Apple Maps flourish like it was meant to ever since its first introduction. When the app was first put out for iPhone users, it was a disaster, with streets and countries labeled wrong, but now it has massively improved.



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