Apple Car Will Be Designed By Lamborghini Veteran

Apple car might have some reminiscence of Lamborghini

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Image: Vanamera

According to a recent report, Apple has hired Luigi Taraborelli to lead the design team working on the Apple car. The electric car from Apple has long been in rumors and is one of the most anticipated projects of all time.

Although we’ve seen several fan-made designs and renders of the Apple car, none can be expected to entirely resemble the vehicle. However, with his 20 years of experience, Tarborreli is expected to deliver a futuristic model design that meets Apple’s standards.

Why Luigi Taraborrelli for the Apple Car?

Apple Car Will Be Designed By Lamborghini Veteran
Image: Lamborghini

Apple has reportedly hired a 20-year veteran of supercar maker Lamborghini to work on its electric car, Project Titan. According to his LinkedIn profile, Luigi Taraborrelli left Lamborghini in May. He was responsible for developing chassis and vehicle dynamics at the company.

During his tenure, Taraborrelli worked on cars like Lamborghini Urus, Huracan Coupé, Performante, and Aventador Coupé, among others. He has also worked on a few limited series projects, such as Lamborghini Serrato. Taraborrelli was even responsible for automobile intricacies like handling, suspension, steering, and brakes at Lamborghini.

Since Apple has hired Taraborrelli and a few others, it shows the company’s commitment to the Electric car. It has previously recruited Stuart Bowers, the former head of Tesla’s Autopilot division, the former head of BMW’s electric car business, and a Ford Motor veteran as well.

Kevin Lynch is presently in charge of the Apple Car project, which includes engineers and developers from an assorted variety of car manufacturers, pooling their expertise into Apple’s ambitious project.

What will the design look like?

Such long experience and exposure to supercars give an insight into Luigi’s expertise. Although the fan-made renders of the Apple car are in no way authentic, there’s one common factor among them. All the picture renders showcase a white electric car with the Apple logo. However, it’s still unclear if the design team is going for a white aesthetic.

Apple’s project Titan has been one of the worst kept secrets of silicon valley. However, Apple plans to unveil its electric sometime in the near future. And the recently filed patents suggest it will have top-of-the-line self-driving features. What are your expectations from the Apple vehicle? Will it look anything like the fan-made images? Comment down below.

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