Apple Is Now A Part Of Open-Source “Data Transfer Project”


The recently-launched open-source project for the transfer of user data between two services — the Data Transfer Project — now has a new member of the team in the form of Apple.

Apple has joined the Data Transfer Project in addition to various other companies such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook.

Data Transfer Project

Started back in 2018, the Data Transfer Project aims to create an ecosystem wherein users will be able to share data from one service (say Facebook) to another service by Twitter. The media transfer project provides an easy, convenient, and seamless process to migrate data between the two services. 

The open-source project has portability and interoperability as its key focus points, allowing users to use various services with ease.

The Data Service Project makes use of the existing APIs of various services to access data. With the help of service-specific adapters, it sends data between services in a common format and again to the DSP’s API.

What Could Apple’s Entry Mean?

While Google and other companies tend to be open platforms, Apple’s ecosystem is relatively closed. The Cupertino giant’s entry to the Data Transfer Project will lead to a direct and more-than-easy sharing of data between other frameworks, which is presently not that easy.

Currently, the Data Transfer Project is in the developing stage with new improvements and features on its way.

It is open to all and you can be a part of it by heading to its official website.

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