Apple Announces New “iPadOS”: Supports USB Drives, Better Multitasking, New Gestures


After leaking just ahead of the WWDC keynote live event, Apple did announce the new iPadOS, which is a version of iOS running on iPads. This comes alongside other major WWDC 2019 highlights including iOS 13, the new Apple Maps, and the power beast Mac Pro.

As one might guess, the iPadOS is packed with new features built around multitasking and to take advantage of the iPad’s giant screen. However, in terms of looks and feel, iPadOS doesn’t look much different than what you’re used to seeing on iPads.

Clearly, it reflects the company’s vision of promoting iPads as more of full-blown computers, instead of a large-sized entertainment device.

Apple’s latest move has drawn a line between iPhones and iPads in terms of software. It will help the company develop the features separately for the two hardware platforms which cater to the needs of different user bases.

Best iPadOS Features

During the keynote, Apple pulled the curtain off on a host of new features it has specially built for the iPadOS.

Plug-in USB drives

Most prominent of all is that now you can simply plug in a flash drive, SD card, on any other storage drive or even a camera into the USB-C port on the iPad. You can access these storage devices via the Files app. The feature is also available on iOS 13.

New gestures

Then you have the new multitouch gestures for text editing. For example, users can simply slide the finger diagonally over text to select it and then use a three-finger pinch to copy/paste it.

Better multitasking

Apple has also worked on improving the overall usability of the screen. You can pin widgets on the Home Screen and get more apps on the grid.

When using the Slide Over feature, you can add multiple apps to the Slide Over menu and drag them up to switch between them. Also, in the split screen view, you can view two emails or edit two documents from the same or different apps side by side.

Desktop-like browsing

Safari on iPadOS has also been redesigned. Apple says it now offers desktop-class browsing complete with a new Download Manager.

New Files app, Keyboard Shortcuts

iPadOS has a redesigned Files app. It comes with a new column-view and lets you preview files without opening them. Also, the iCloud drive now offers a folder sharing feature.

What else?

Other than that, the new OS takes on a bunch of features from its sibling iOS 13. You have the new Dark Mode, Floating Keyboard, Sign-in with Apple, Custom Fonts, new Apple Maps, and performance improvements.

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