Users Beware: Apple HomePod Update Is Bricking Some HomePods (Updated)

The issue is seen on original HomePods running version 14.6 or the beta version 15

Apple HomePod bricking
Image: Apple

Several Siri-powered speaker owners have reported that their HomePods got bricked after the version 14.6 update. Users running the beta version 15 also pointed out the same issue.

Most of the users complaining about the HomePod bricking are using the speakers paired with Apple TV. This indicates the possibility of a bug in the pairing process. However, the issue seems to be on the original one, which has been recently discontinued.

HomePod Update Bricking It

9to5Mac reported the story first. The publication also pointed out that the HomePods running beta version 15 were heating up. That said, it is still not known why the old ones are dying all of a sudden.

A Reddit user with 19 of Apple’s smart speakers posted that 7 of the HomePods running beta as well as a stable 14.6 suddenly bricked. He also says that all the dead HomePods were paired with the Apple TV.

Most owners also can’t get them repaired as the devices are now out of warranty. This puts HomePod owners in a tough spot about the update. We’ll update this story whenever Apple provides an update on the same.

Apple introduced the new HomePod Mini with intercom features back in October last year. There are no reports of the Mini facing similar bricking issues after the update.

Recently, a study showed the Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker carrying user data even after a factory reset. The same was also proven for Google Home Mini and a Xiaomi smart speaker. Apple’s speakers were not mentioned in the study.

Apple Releases Updates Beta After Heating

The current beta software of version 15 has been updated by Apple. The update comes after users reported bricking HomePods. While this is about the beta, the stable version 14 is still complaining about HomePods paired with Apple TV running hot.

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