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Apple Game Controller
Image: Patently Apple

Apple has registered patents for gaming controllers. The company first released Apple Arcade and then upgraded Apple TV with a more powerful chip so Apple users could play Arcade games on the big screen.

Now, Apple has filed patents for its game controller. A report from Patently Apple has confirmed that two patents related to game controllers are granted by US Patent and Trade Mark Office and European Patent Office. The first patent was granted on 31 March and the second on 10 April.

Apple Game Controllers

It is evident that the project is quite experimental, and if everything goes as per plan, we might see an Apple gaming controller soon. As the project is early, Apple engineers are working on different concepts. In the patent images, three different concepts are visible.

The first concept is similar to Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. The game controller is separated into two parts and attached to the side of the device. It will work with both iPhone and iPad in portrait or landscape orientation.

Apple Game Controler 1st Concept
Credit: Patently Apple

The second concept is an iPhone exclusive. It will work as a foldable case with a button inside it. Apple might also add a small display to show extra game content or a touch keyboard.

Credit: Patently Apple

The third and last concept is more exciting. It has a more classic Joystick design. The game controller will work with iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices via Bluetooth. It will also have a special switch to enable a gaming mode or answer calls from the gaming controller.

Credit: Patently Apple

One thing we would like to add here, this is not the first time Apple has been working on a gaming controller. Earlier in 2020, Twitter leaker @L0vetodream tweeted that Apple is working on a gaming controller. After that, we never came across any information about it. Finally, we have some updates on the project.

Let’s see when Apple comes with the final product. Anyways, what are your thought about an Apple gaming controller? Would you guys be interested in it? Let us know in the comments.

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