Apple Freeform Launched: Here’s What You Can Do On The New Apple App

A new collaborative app just for Apple users!


Apple has another surprise for all lovers of the Apple ecosystem. It launched Apple Freeform – an app that will take collaboration to another level. Think of it as a perk of supporting Apple products because now you have an app where 100 participants can participate and work on a blank canvas.

Freeform supports a ton of integrations and files and employs every other useful Apple service or feature. The app is available for iPhone, Mac, and iPad, which means that no users are left out.

Apple Freeform: More details

If you use Canva, you know that it is very easy to design and share your creation. Freeform is an extension of that but only exclusive to Apple ecosystem users. Upon first glance, it looks like a black notepad app, but you can create anything that you like. The app supports over 700 shapes and designs and makes it super easy to get creative with it. However, we think that the best experience of Freeform is on the iPad because you get to use the Apple pencil and scribble your heart out.

Apple is pushing the app as an all-in-one collaboration tool where you can prepare your work calendar the way you like. You can add a bunch of media to it and even link files, including photos, video, audio, documents, PDFs, links to websites and map location links, sticky notes, shapes, diagrams, and more.

Apple Freeform
Image: Apple

Also, you can scan any paper document and directly upload it to the Freeform board. Being a cloud app, you can invite other collaborators to your board and brainstorm ideas in a single place.

The official blog post by Apple states that you can invite everyone to the Freefrom board using the Messages thread in a single message. However, you can still send an invite link to users personally. Since it is a collaborative environment, Apple has also integrated FaceTime into the app, so you don’t have to switch apps to communicate.

All that happens in a single app. Apple isn’t the only one in the collaboration apps space; only time will tell if Freeform will catch up to others. One major obstruction is that the app only works with Apple devices.

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