Apple Fixes The Most Annoying Camera Feature On iPhone


The latest iOS 14 update was announced at WWDC 2020 earlier this week. It comes with a significant number of changes, although some of them appear to be inspired by Android. Anyway, among all the features, Apple has finally fixed the most annoying camera setting on the iPhone.

For long, the option to change the video resolution and frame rate was buried deep inside the Settings app. It was quite a task if one had to change the frame rate while recording a video.

Thankfully, the new iOS 14 update will include these options in the Camera app itself. Apple has confirmed that the changes will arrive on all iPhone models that support the iOS 14 update. Surprisingly, the list even includes the original iPhone SE that was released back in 2016.

All iPhone models now feature quick toggles to change video resolution and frame rate in Video mode,” says the iPhone-maker.

Speaking of other camera features of iOS 14, Apple has added a setting that lets users take mirrored selfies using the front camera. The QR-code reading abilities of the Camera app have been improved, and now it’s better at detecting QR codes wrapped around objects.

Also, the users can set a specific exposure value for photos and videos for an entire camera session on their iPhone. However, they can pick an exposure value for a particular shot as well. This feature is available on iPhone XR, XS, and later models.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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