Apple Could Introduce Face ID On Mac With Added Functionalities


Apple introduced its facial recognition tech dubbed Face ID with the iPhone X, following which all the latest iPhones have it, even the iPads. Furthering its reach, the Cupertino tech major could soon add the Face ID feature to Macbooks.

According to a recent patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple’s Face ID will soon reach Macs and this Face ID will come with added features to make the usage even more convenient.

Face ID On Mac

Apart from unlocking the device, the new Face ID technology is expected to perform two additional functions. 

Face ID on Macs will make sure that the laptop doesn’t go to sleep when a person is sitting right in front of it. The new feature will detect the person sitting in front of the device and will stay awake. So users won’t have to go through the hassle of logging in again once the device enters sleep mode — just facing it would be enough.

Another feature will allow users to easily sign into the laptop when the lid of the Mac is raised or if a user is in front of the device when the device is already unlocked. Additionally, this functionality will work even if the Mac is in sleep mode.

As the aforementioned features are a part of a patent (applied back in 2017), we don’t know if it sees the light of the day. However, as most of its devices have the Face ID feature, the idea of Macs getting the same is not a distant dream.

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