Apple Executive Calls Samsung Phones A ‘Poor Copy’ Of The iPhone

Is Samsung a poor copy of the iPhone?

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Patent wars, accusations of ‘design plagiarism,’ and whatnot has gone down between Apple and Samsung over the years. The two pioneers of tech, despite both enjoying a high reputation, have a rivalry that dates back to when smartphones were first introduced.

The long battle between the two has recently been reignited after the Wall Street Journal published a documentary. The film looks back on fifteen years of the iPhone, and Joanna Stern interviewed top Apple executives, including a few that have left the company.

Wall Street Journal’s documentary

When Steve Jobs was asked to make a bigger iPhone due to signal drop issues, he said that he disliked big smartphones from companies because you can’t wrap your hand around them. Fast-forward to 2013, Apple’s sales were slowing down; meanwhile, bigger phones were gaining popularity.

Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note handsets were enjoying fame at the time, and Apple responded by introducing the iPhone 6 with a bigger display, which blew the competition out of the water. Samsung also took a dig at Apple for going back on its words.

When Stern asked the question from Apple’s marketing chief Greg Joswiak about Android manufacturers launching bigger phones then, he labeled them ‘annoying.’

Joswiak remarked that these companies were producing ‘iPhone knock-offs,’ further adding that they copied Apple’s technology which was upsetting.

When it comes to Samsung vs. iPhones, many users have their favorite set in stone. However, whoever’s corner you are in, it is common knowledge that when the first iPhone hit the market in 2007, it changed the world of smartphone devices.

Apple’s maneuver made the touch screen common and introduced the concept of an ‘application’ store. Other vendors quickly followed in the company’s footsteps, and one even surpassed it in sales.

Despite Steve Jobs publicly condemning the idea of big smartphones, some of Apple’s most popular launches in history were the ones with larger displays (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus).

The company did try to go back to small displays with the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini, but the two were not well-received and became the worst-selling iPhones of the last two years. Rumors suggest that the company plans to abandon the Mini line entirely in the future.

In 2011, Apple took Samsung to court for copying its design and was awarded $1 billion in damages initially; then, the two settled in 2018. Despite settling the dispute, Apple claims it started the ‘smartphone revolution,’ and Samsung copied its design.



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