Apple Could Cut Off BOE Display From iPhone 14 Orders Because Of This

BOE's 30 million panels orders are in jeopardy

Apple Boe displays
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As per a report from South Korea’s The Elec, Apple may cut ties with a longtime partner BOE due to an unauthorized design change in iPhone 13. Once the iPhone 14 launches in the next months, a notable display provider partner may not be on board.

According to the publication, China-based BOE, which has been responsible for manufacturing OLED panels for Apple since the iPhone 12, might not be receiving any orders for the latest invention, thus putting a massive 30 million panels orders into jeopardy.

The sources talking to the Elec said that it follows an event where the company was “caught having changed the circuit width of the thin film transistors on the OLED panels it made for iPhone 13 earlier this year,”

The report states that top executives representing BOE visited Cupertino after discovering the incident with an explanation of why they altered the transistor design, which was likely to enhance the yield rate.

However, the display manufacturers were constantly struggling to meet the demand requirement this year as there was a shortage of the key chips required for the panels.

Additionally, it is also reported that the company couldn’t deliver its first shipment of the OLED panels for the iPhone 12 in 2020 due to its inability to pass the standard quality control tests.

Apple is known for providing its consumers with high-quality products. The explanation didn’t settle well with the company as it didn’t approve new orders for iPhone 14, which was expected to be more than 30 million OLED panels.

The orders will be handed to the most competent suppliers, with LG and Samsung leading the race as per The Elec. The latest iPhone version is expected to have a non-pro max model available at 6.7 inches and eliminate the 5.4-inch mini display.

Take this news with a grain of salt

We’re taking this news with a grain of salt as there are no confirmations about the developments. The Elec is a Korean publication, possibly rooting for Korean companies like LG and Samsung. While the Korean display makers are doing amazingly well, we cannot be sure of the Chinese ones doing poorly.

Apple’s dealing with BOE are likely to come out as the launch of the iPhone 14 nears. It is only then that we can confirm if BOE is on board or not.



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