Apple To Merge Apps For Mac, iPhone, And iPad, Just Like Microsoft Did For Windows

Apple might have taken cues from Microsoft’s roadmap for their operating system. Redmond brought the Universal Windows Platform for Windows 10 as a part of their One Windows dream.

The platform allows developers to create a single app that works on different types of Windows 10 devices like PCs, tablets, hybrid devices, etc.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on a project, internally named “Marzipan,” which would be developed over the years to unify the iOS and macOS platforms.

In the past, a couple of senior Apple executives have downplayed the idea of unifying macOS and iOS apps. But the story seems to take a different turn here.

With the help of the platform, an app would behave differently depending on the device on which it’s running. For instance, its functionality would differ if the device has a touchscreen, mouse, or trackpad, according to the people familiar with the project.

Marzipan would help the developers do away with creating two separate versions of their apps for iOS and macOS. Another big issue it might be able to address is the lack of freshness when the macOS app ecosystem is concerned. In comparison to iOS, the macOS apps are limited in number. They’re given lesser priority when pushing updates and new features.

Anonymous sources said that Apple might introduce their app unification project in major iOS and macOS updates, probably, as early as next year. The company might announce the project at the WWDC next year. However, there is no word on the fact whether Apple would show interest in merging the respective App Stores of iOS and MacOS.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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