Apple China Plant Workers Clash With Guards Over COVID Rules

Workers were forced to live in a closed-oop system.

Apple china plant workers clash featured image
A screenshot from the Apple China plant workers clash.

Hundreds of workers in an Apple China plant clashed with authorities and guards over COVID rules. The workers didn’t follow instructions and rushed away outside the isolation barriers. The incident took place on Thursday (5 May) evening.

Apple China Plant Clash

A video is shared on Twitter and YouTube in which workers can be seen rushing toward barriers. The clash broke out when guards tried to stop them from exiting the area. At the end of the shared video, it appears that a security guard is beating one of the workers.

Taiwanese company Quanta Computer runs the plant. The company assembles devices for companies like Apple and others. Since the beginning of April, the company has been operating with tight restrictions. Currently, all the plants in Shanghai are working in a “Closed Loop” system.

In the close loop system, workers live in factories even after their shift ends. They eat and sleep either on the company campus or in a nearby accommodation center. Workers are restricted from making any contract with someone outside the loop, even with their family members.

Workers tried to run away from the campus because they thought the restrictions could be further increased as COVID cases were reported within the campus. One of the workers said they are tired and frustrated living under control. Another worker said the production at the facility has returned to normal the very next day after the clash.

Quanta Computer hasn’t commented on the incident in their plant. Around 50% of the company’s revenue comes from Apple. The company mainly assembles MacBooks for Apple. The remaining revenue is from other tech companies like HP, Dell, Microsoft, etc.

What are your thoughts about keeping workers in a closed-loop system where they are not allowed to meet with their family members? Do let us know in the comments.

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